R2R Certification Programs

Training Competent Professionals for the Implementation and Compliance of the Act

Certification Courses

Big Boss

A Special program designed for the 'Business Owners and Top Management' to equip them with the criticality of compliance, their role and responsibilty towards adherance to the POSH Act.

IC Expert

This course is designed to for Internal Committee members. They are in a very responsible position and need to have 'Special Skills' to investigate, document, handle evidence and resolve complaints.

POSH Consultant

This course is designed to equip professionals with skills to design the POSH System for the workplace, harmonize policies and develop procedures, criterias for complaint resolution.

POSH Auditor

Learn the skills to audit the of Posh system - competency of IC team, investigations, reports and resolutions and their compliance, to ensure 'Zero Tolerance' to sexual harassment.